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Electronic statements are safe, convenient, eco-friendly and quicker than paper.

Harvesting a field

E-Statements offer several advantages over traditional paper statements:

  • E-Statements are faster - No waiting for your statement to be printed, stuffed, mailed, and delivered. As a result, E-Statements are available to you a few days earlier than paper statements and you don't need to worry about the mail getting lost or misplaced.
  • E-Statements are easier to store and search - E-Statements are stored online for one year, but users can easily download and store their E-Statements on their own computers for as long as desired. When you need to refer back to an old statement, it's much easier to search your hard drive's folder than a filing cabinet, and there's less clutter.
  • E-Statements are easier to read - Using the Zoom functions of your browser, check images can be enlarged to get a better view of details.
  • E-Statements are environmentally friendly - Most people and businesses don't keep the envelope or the stuffers, and seldom need to refer back to old statements over time. This generates a lot of unnecessary paper waste as well as a waste of space. E-Statements reduce paper consumption and storage space needs.
How to Enroll

While logged into online banking, go to the "accounts" menu and select "account statement" which will take you to the terms & conditions.

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