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New Account Kit


Switching to Owen County State Bank has never been easier—Let us help you make the move now.

  1. Open your Owen County State Bank account today.
    You can open an account with us by visiting any of our 8 banking locations. Call (812) 829-4811 to find out which banking center is closest to you.
  2. If opening a checking account, discontinue writing checks and using your Debit card on your old checking account.
    Let all of the checks you have written on that account clear. Remember that this could take up to 10 days. Destroy your old ATM or Debit cards.
  3. Change Direct Deposits.
    Complete the Automatic Deposit Authorization Form. A separate form should be provided to anyone you receive a direct deposit from, i.e. your employer, the Social Security Administration or your retirement plan.
  4. Change any Automatic Withdrawals.
    Complete the Automatic Payment Authorization Form. A separate form should be provided to anyone who automatically debits funds from your account using your old bank account number (i.e. online service provider, etc.). Also, your new debit card number will need to be provided to anyone using your card number for automatic withdrawals.
  5. Close your old account.
    Complete the Authorization to Close Account Form to let your old bank know you wish to close the account. This form also helps you tell them what to do with any money remaining in the account. Best of all, you can avoid the inconvenience of going to your old bank to close the account in person by mailing this form to them

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