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10 Ways to Be Smart with Your Tax Refund

If you're planning to get a tax refund this year (or you already have), it's important to have a plan for your money. Without giving your money a purpose, it's easy to spend on unnecessary things. Giving your tax return a plan can set you on the right track financially for 2023. 

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Why FDIC is Important

You can purchase a Certificates of Deposit (CD) from several kinds of institutions, but be wary of those that are not FDIC insured. Not all bank-sounding names are actually banks, nor are they insured by the FDIC.

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5 Tips From The Wealthy Barber

If somebody can become wealthy on a barber's salary, then they're obviously doing something right. That's the premise of David Chilton's financial self-help book "The Wealthy Barber". He offers a commonsense guide to becoming financially independent. In the spirit of efficiency, we have summarized his five key tips.

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5 Holiday Shopping Tips to Keep You Out of Debt

It’s that time of year again, the Holiday Season! While this season is filled with love, laughter, and giving, many choose to ignore the fact that with “giving”, comes “spending”. Learning how to spread the love to everyone over the holidays without breaking the bank is truly a special skill. Following the next 5 steps can help you check everything off your list, while keeping your spending to a minimum.

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Why it's Better to Use a Small Bank

There are tons of banks out there, each competing for your business. How do you know who you can trust with your finances? Here are some reasons why big banks just don’t stack up against small, local banks.

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The 5 C's to Obtaining a Small Business Loan

If you’re applying for a small business loan, you’re going to want to establish a strong relationship with a financial lender. They have the money. You need the money. So it’s a good idea to know what to expect in the loan application process. Here’s what banks are looking for in a potential candidate.

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