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From monthly archives: August 2023

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The True Cost of an Online Bank

Over the last ten years, there has been a substantial growth in online banks. Are you familiar with the type?

Their style of business avoids operating physical branches and instead, focuses on being entirely digital. And while these banks can be great for some, it's important to understand their true cost.

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3 Reasons Why Local Decisions Are Better

In our massively connected age, one can easily get swept up in the momentum of the global community. And while a wide scope can be great, it's also important to remember the benefits of staying local. So, we thought we'd share 3 reasons why we think local decisions are better.

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5 Tips From The Automatic Millionaire

Do you know of David Bach? If you'd like to be a millionaire, then you should. Bach became a self-made millionaire at age 30. And with his book The Automatic Millionaire, he's more than happy to share his tips to help you get there, too. So, here are 5 of Bach's best tips from The Automatic Millionaire.

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