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Everything You Need to Know about Refinancing Your Mortgage

Money is the number one stressor in the United States, and a big part of that stress is mortgage expenses. While refinancing your mortgage—replacing your current mortgage with a new one—can save you thousands of dollars, eliminate years of high interest rates, and alleviate much of that stress, it may not always be the right decision. Here are some factors you should consider before calling your mortgage lender.

5 Things First-Time Home Buyers Need to Know

Buying a home is an exciting adventure, but for first-time home buyers, it can also be overwhelming. Let's talk about 5 things you need to know before making that big purchase.

5 Tips From The Wealthy Barber

If somebody can become wealthy on a barber's salary, then they're obviously doing something right. That's the premise of David Chilton's financial self-help book "The Wealthy Barber". He offers a commonsense guide to becoming financially independent. In the spirit of efficiency, we have summarized his five key tips.

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